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Episode Two: Marc Sherman

Episode Two: Marc Sherman

October 6, 2021

In Episode 2, host Shyam Ganesh speaks with Marc Sherman, Founder of the Plan Pros. They discuss how his experience running a tutoring business and networking in his community looking for other business opportunities, led him to a career in financial planning. He tells us how he rebuilt an agency’s entire financial planning process, how that led him to a role doing financial planning quality review for a Big 5 bank, and why he leverages the thousands of plans he has seen and reviewed to now support financial advisors in not only creating financial plans for their clients but also learn the process of delivering them in a way that makes for a great client experience.

Episode Highlights

0:50: Shyam greets Marc Sherman to the Pod and discusses the circumstantial ways he fell into FP work
4:39: Initial resistance to obtaining IIROC license
8:01: How science and education informs Marc's advisor practice
11:30 Education and coaching to inform the advisor hand-off process
16:00: Talking about hard decisions with your clients
25:24: The effects of succession in business 
31:41: 'Plan Failure', review and evaluation practices in advisor plans by Risk Management
38:54: Marc develops his project and submits it to the IPC
46:09: Beginning a journey with PlanPro
49:02: Engaging existing clients and a robust process to onboard new prospects    

Episode One: Julia Chung

Episode One: Julia Chung

September 22, 2021

On our first ever Episode, Shyam speaks with Julia Chung - CEO of Spring Financial Planning and Co-Founder of Admin Slayer. We talk about her 25-year journey into and within financial planning and what led her to create a solution for the administrative burden faced by every advisory organization. Julia shares her insights on how and why she got into complex financial planning on a fee-only basis, how she successfully collaborates with her Co-Founders and Partners in both her companies, how to build a strong company culture when the team starts to grow, and how strategic marketing can elevate your brand and make you stand out from the crowd.


Episode Highlights:

1:12 - Getting started in financial planning, and creating the right questions to help your clients achieve their goals.


16:57 - Target marketing, entrepreneurship, starting a new venture, and filling a need in the market.

35:13 - Business relationships & values, collaboration and responsibility.  

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