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Episode Three: Jason Watt

October 20, 2021

Host Shyam Ganesh speaks with Jason Watt, instructor and former co-owner of Business Career College. They discuss how his 14-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, including 3 tours in Bosnia, as well as a desire to transition back to civilian life to be there for his family, led him to a career in financial planning education. Jason shares tips on leveraging technology to help convey complex ideas more simply, as well as his challenges and learnings from operating a business co-owned by family.

Episode Highlights

1:26: Shyam welcomes his long-time friend Jason Watt to the pod
5:10: Jason talks about licensure for Insurance Agents and LAQP
9:17: Jason discusses his military experiences and his beginnings in the Canadian Army
15:42: Jason expands upon his experiences in being stationed in Bosnia
21:42: Discussing Watt’s role in the training and development fields in Simic post-tour
29:02: Transitioning to the family business and Business Career College (BCC)
35:08: Touching on business succession and selling BCC
38:43: Jason reviews the digital transformation of BCC and its evolution since his tenure
41:07: Methodologies for learning and the psychological science behind classroom teaching
47:00: Using contemporary teaching tools to improve client engagement
51:00: Choosing the right educational path to achieve your professional goals

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