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Episode Five: Philip Setter

November 17, 2021

Founder and CEO of Business Critical and Advisor Institute, Philip Setter, sits down today to talk about his personal and professional journey. From his humble beginnings in the financial services industry, trying to start a lawn painting business, through many highs and lows, mistakes and surprising learning opportunities, he entertains us with stories about how he came to start his Business Critical seminars and founded the Advisor Institute. 

In hilarious detail, he shares how, throughout his career path as an advisor, he discovered all the gaps in his knowledge and set out to learn as much as he could to best help his business owner clients. He then realized how his ability to boil down complex information and his extensive knowledge of the field could be used to help other advisors like himself be more successful. Thus, his CCIP curriculum was born! It has helped meet the needs of so many of his peers who are grappling to meet the unique and complex needs of business owners. 

Philip shares the many pivots he’s had to make with the covid pandemic’s disruptions to typical marketing strategies, and talks about exciting upcoming projects in the works.


Episode Highlights

1:15: The biggest business flop, big mistakes and quitting the cushiest job ever

12:20: Intro to insurance, finding a niche, how massage therapists made me give up

18:40: Everyone cares about tax, figuring out it’s all about business owners, why my seminars were bad

25:00: The ‘Aha moment’, a shameless plug for my curriculum, why information matters

27:00: The uphill battle to prove my credibility, how accountants made me better at my job, the best way to learn is to teach

32:00: How I got started marketing my seminars, my networking secret, how covid made me pivot (again)

41:00: Post-covid marketing, building a better long-term system, why charging changes everything

55:00: The switch to Insurance Advisors, the 12-part plan with no content, filling a niche

59:00: Launching CCIP, getting into the big leagues, the 2021 revamp.

1:03:00: The CCIP explosion, accreditation, why you need to know everything about insurance to work with business owners   

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