Grow Their Wealth

Episode Twelve: Jason Pereira

May 6, 2022

In this episode, Jason and I talk about how he’s built his practice based on client success instead of targets, what and who he learned from along the way, and how to grow without making larger clients subsidize smaller ones. He also passionately explains why he advocates for advisors to be held to a fiduciary standard, including how that would spur immense innovation in our industry and thereby improve service levels for clients at all levels. One of my many takeaways from the conversation was that no matter how well I think I know the answer to a planning question, the best practice is always to refer back to the source. Listen in for many more little gems!


Episode Highlights

10:00 -  You only know 99%, the magic of Google, resources you can trust
17:00 - The Dunbar number, subsidizing unprofitable clients, relationships matter
22:00 - How to make your business profitable, prudent buying and smart selling
32:00 - Virtual vs full-body staff, time management and delegating
43:00 - The backwards system, charging for your services, keep financial planning at the core
51:00 - Fiduciary rule, changes to the industry, the Australian way

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