Grow Their Wealth

Episode Thirteen: Grant Hicks

June 3, 2022

In this episode, Grant shares some really valuable insights on capacity planning and marketing. He specifically walks me - and by extension, you - through a couple of exercises on how to design your practice, add more value while optimizing your own time, take 8-12 weeks of vacation a year, and create an advisory practice that won't just sell for two times revenue but 5-10 times multiple. On marketing, we talk about how to segment clients more effectively, what to look for in an ideal client - beyond their net worth or investable assets - and how to acquire larger clients because, let's face it: if your practice is growing, primarily through referrals. Your best clients have $1M of investable assets. They aren't referring you to clients with $5 or $10 million. This is one of those episodes that you may want to listen to more than once.


Episode Highlights

4:38 → How financial planning has changed over the decades
8:55 → The best practice-management strategy and how to implement it
11:42 → Creating goals for your clients and your own personal practice
16:09 → Expanding your practice and attracting the ideal client
43:57→ The ideal business model
46: 30 → Marketing and generating more ideal leads

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