Grow Their Wealth

Episode Six: Michael Wortsman

December 1, 2021

Host Shyam Ganesh speaks with Michael Wortsman, Partner at Bridgewell Financial. They discuss how his passion for technology at a very young age allowed him to be extremely effective at taking over and managing a small book of group business. He shares how his fine arts background has helped him build a brand and the client experience, and how he grew his group business to over 275 clients through referrals, partnerships and effective delegation. We also talk about why he has set in motion plans to spend the next chapter of his business growth in a merger partnership with a team of financial planners and insurance specialists who are also aligned on the same business owner market.


Episode Highlights

5:29: Career-building mentorship and some formative, memorable mistakes

13:15: The role of integrity: actions speak louder than words

19:50: How a business coach got me from 80% to 100%

30:30: SaaS, “service the hell out of your client and he’ll never leave you”, and other helpful tech

38:00: The tipping point: the moment he realized he needed to expand his team to grow

43:00: Partnering and launching Bridgewell Financial    

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