Grow Their Wealth

Episode Seven: Aly Dhalla

January 21, 2022

Although he first aspired to work in sports therapy, Aly Dhalla’s career path snaked its way through financial services working for TD Bank, to a tech startup in the insurance space and finally has led him to co-found Finaeo, a venture-backed insurtech startup that is reshaping insurance distribution to help independent life insurance advisors thrive in a digital era. Finaeo provides advisors with a digital toolkit, paired with an on-demand concierge back office, to enable advisers to create the future of advice: the “Bionic Advisor.”

Listen in as Aly shares his passion for using tech to help people–and the many lessons he’s learned along the way. 

Episode Highlights

0:47→ Lesson learned: the bond between a financial professional and a household; keep people at the center of financial services.

10:00→ Health is physical, emotional and financial; health+wealth=happiness.

11:30→ How science and technology fit together to meet needs; tech creates value.

16:50→ Why tech infiltration into the financial services world was inevitable.

22:20→ More business is done at Starbucks than in the office; launching mobile apps.

34:00→ Steve Jobs mindset: start from the customer problem and work your way back to the tech; the magic of a coach and a team.

39:00→ Mistakes and what Aly would have done differently; creating core values.  

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