Grow Their Wealth

Episode Nine: Joey Lam & Caleb Miller

February 18, 2022

In Episode 9 of the Grow Their Wealth Financial Advisor Podcast, I speak with Joey Lam and Caleb Miller, founding partners of InvestorDNA in Calgary. We speak about how they met each other and why they quit successful practices at a life insurance career agency to start something fresh. We talk about their acquisition, and how they’ve grown by significantly cutting down their service offering. What’s really interesting is that Joey and Caleb are not lead advisors on any client files themselves - they are primarily owner-managers. What’s more, clients of the firm actually get multiple advisors working in a collaboration. Listen in to learn more about this “out of the box” approach to building an advisory firm.


Episode Highlights

7:00→The heart of company culture, why good management means digging into the “why” behind the people

16:45→Personality tests make for better partnerships, business relationships aren’t always easy

20:35→Jumping in cold turkey, motivation to get going, forget the naysayers

25:15→Being mindful of your team’s uniqueness, invest in relationships, giving everyone a say provides balance and value

33:50→Making hard decisions that pay off, keep it simple to add value  

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