Grow Their Wealth

Episode Eleven: Jayesh Kasim

April 5, 2022

In this episode, Jayesh shares the incredible journey of how he replaced his income from a high-paying mining job in just 9 months as a financial planner. He also talks about how he marketed his practice - leading it to expand into 3 locations in 3 years, and why he decided to sell that practice to help advisors meet their staffing, technology, and marketing needs. This business now employs over 500 staff and counting, and he's done this in under 10 years. Listen in to learn how successful advisors are scaling up their businesses.


Episode Highlights

7:45 - Marketing secrets, finding value in the back-office, selling the businesses
12:30 - CRMs, Smartsheet and Lucid Chart for workflows
21:00 - Finding similarities, dealing with regulations
27:00 - A business model to follow, know what you pay for

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